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Robert Novak denies hit and run, even as witness saw victim on his car

Perhaps it’s time to take the keys away if The Compassionate Conservative Prince of Darkness couldn’t see the cyclist he just hit on the hood of his vehicle. Think Progress:

Novak initially “drove away from the scene,” but turned around when “a bicyclist stopped him and said, ‘You hit someone.'” Novak claimed: “I didn’t know I hit anybody.” But Washington DC’s local ABC affiliate interviewed the bicyclist who saw the incident. WJLA’s Suzanne Kennedy reported live from the scene:

   I just spoke with the bicyclist about three minutes ago. He tells me that the pedestrian was actually splayed across the front of Novak’s convertible, and that there would be absolutely no way Novak would have not known that he had hit someone.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding