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Ace Reporter Robert Novak Didn’t See Pedestrian “Splayed Onto the Windshield”

I mentioned one time that I had seen Robert Novak and Christopher Hitchens on consecutive days around 18th and Mass Avenue in DC.

"What is it, some kind of Hell Mouth?" asked Teddy.

I guess so:

Conservative columnist Bob Novak hit a pedestrian at 18th and K this morning, then tried to escape but was stopped by a bicyclist, Politico reports. Novak claims not to have known he hit the pedestrian, but according to the cyclist, Harkins Cunningham partner David Bono, the pedestrian was "splayed onto the windshield", and that after stopping, Novak "[kept] trying to get away."

Novak was already an aggressive driver who told the Post that he hates "jaywalkers" and would like to run them over, "but as a compassionate conservative, I would never do that."

Trying desperately to get home before sunrise, no doubt.

Karma seems to have played a role here, because this is the guy who chased him down, who could be helpful in refuting the claim that Novak "didn’t know he hit him."

Somewhere, Joe Wilson is laughing.

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