Klan In The Front, Let Your Feet Stomp

National joke Bill O’Reilly on Al Gore’s attendance at the Klan rally known as Netroots Nation. (Baratunde, you should be ashamed of yourself for performing!) Via Matt Corley at TP:

O’REILLY: Al Gore now is done. He’s done. Ok. He is not a man of respect, he doesn’t have any judgment. The fact that he went to this thing is the same as if he stepped into the Klan gathering. It’s the same. No difference. None. K, he loses all credibility with me. All credibility.

As it happens, I’ve just heard from a sobbing Al Gore, who said that he stays up nights worried about his credibility in the eyes of buffoons like O’Reilly. Now would be a good time to ask Sicky Nixx to finally record her classic BO’R song, "Falafel Pussy."

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman