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The Downside of a Democratic Victory in ’08

The Corner reports that people who act out of economic self-interest are bad for America.

Who knew?

In a perhaps not unrelated development, we also learn that while over the past eight years the National Review and Rush Limbaugh most surely did strive mightily to point out that the otherwise asskickingly awesome president George W. Bush was spending too much money, in retrospect they should have "screamed and caterwauled and hollered to high heaven" against such fiscal and ideological heresy.

There are two implicit premises in the foregoing: (a) the only reason the GOP is currently up a certain creek with a paddle rammed up its ass is that its leaders have failed to live up to goofball "big government" rhetoric; and (b) that this difficulty was compounded by a deficiency of right wing "caterwauling."

Neither of these premises will perhaps stand up to objective scrutiny. But then again, everyone at The Corner seems to be doing quite well out of the old orthodoxies, so why toss them aside just because they’re nonsensical? It wasn’t like the last Democratic administration was a bad time for this crowd, after all. Hell, Bill Clinton set lots of these nitwits up for life. Best thing that ever happened to them was 1992.

Think about it. Perhaps the most exciting thing to look forward to about an Obama presidency is that it will launch the career of the next Jonah Goldberg.

Kind of makes you feel all happy inside, don’t it?

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