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Blue America Saturday

Last night I was very inspired by the story of Granny D, a progressive 94 year old in New Hampshire who ran against glad handing Bush rubber stamp Judd Gregg. I posted the 90 minute documentary at DWT and I want to recommend that everyone watch it when they have some time.

This past Tuesday, Regina Thomas lost her race against another glad handing Bush rubber stamp, John Barrow, who paid $21 for every vote he got. It will remain to be seen if the scare Regina gave him will make him a better member of Congress. As she said in the note she sent me on election night, she’ll be watching to see if he’s more responsive to the needs of the district’s working families. She also told me she has some money that’s coming in from ActBlue and asked that Blue America make some suggestions about which worthy candidates she should send some of it to? Any suggestions from the community that helped her get her race going?

And while you’re thinking about that, if you missed our action against the extremist group Freedom’s Watch, please take a look at the video and consider helping us pay for the several hundred thousand calls we’re making to defend Steve Kagen (D-WI), Chris Murphy (D-CT), Linda Stender (D-NJ), John Adler (D-NJ), and Tom Allen (D-ME). These Neocon Bush billionaires are trying to blame them for high gas prices. And Mike Farrell sets the record straight:

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Howie Klein

Howie Klein

Howie Klein spent much of his life wandering around the world living in places like Afghanistan, Nepal, Holland and Morocco. He moved backed to America when Richard Nixon resigned and promptly helped start the first punk rock radio show in the country and then a DIY punk rock record label. His adventures in the music business ended a couple of years ago when he retired as president of Reprise Records. He began blogging almost immediately, starting Down With Tyranny. Jane taught him html while he held one of her dogs at a party. He is a raw foodist, lives in L.A., swims and hikes every day, thinks Howard Dean could be a president as great as FDR and will never be completely happy until Bush and Cheney are behind bars.