To Favre Or Not To Favre, That Is the EW Trash Talk Question

National Favre League – Marcy has been pimping me to do up a Favre post ever since the first rumors came out of his waffliness months ago. Who am I to deny the hostess with the mostess? I chalk it up to the fact that the only thing the Lions have done in the off season is give Kevin Jones (a good running back when healthy) to the Bears for nothing in free agency. But not to worry, Roidney is still pumped up and Tom is still sitting pretty for the Pats. And yes, I still think the Pats are the class of the league.

But, let’s face it, the only thing that is important in the NFL right now is Brett Favre. He is like Britney with no panties. I am not going to waste time with a bunch of links, you folks know the deal. My own take was totally on the Packer’s side initially, and still, on balance, probably is. But it is also clear that, irrespective of what has happened and who caused it, they really do not want him back. Given that, and that I do think they pressured him for an answer before he was ready this winter/spring (not that such was unreasonable necessarily, just a fact), and given that they do not want him, I think they do owe him to let him play somewhere else. Take him back and let him be Brett Favre or let him go; but get on with it. It is not just a business decision; no matter what, he has earned more than that. That is my opinion, what is yours? Chat up any and all other football, college or pro, that you got.

MLB – The second half of the season is upon us. What a killer All Star Game; for once. A fitting farewell to Yankee Stadium. I know you Sawx fans are prowling around, what say you? Personally, I still think, that as big of a giant jerk as he is, there is something about Schilling. He is gone, and I think the Sawx will be, at least for this year, too. They will go far, but no ring. My Diamondbacks started out like gangbusters, then just went bust. I think they are going to regroup, hang on in the west, and be there with either the Mets or Cubbies in a pick em for the NL crown. Prove me wrong. And trust me, that is not difficult.

The Circus – Well, who knew when I first tacked it on because, well, I could; but there are actually a few Formula One fans out there. Actually, it makes sense; you are high line intellects, and that is the general crowd, at least in the States North America, that follows F1. This weekend is the German Grand Prix in Hockenheim. Hockenheim isn’t Nurburgring, but it is a great circuit. The Driver’s Championship is really tight with Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa and Kimi Räikkönen all tied at 48 points. A McLaren and two Ferrari jocks all bunched at the top. Outstanding. Ferrari is 14 points up in the all important Constructor’s Trophy chase though. Who you got in this round of the circus, and, for Petrocelli, when will Porsche make it’s return to F1 and play with the big boys?

Well, that’s it for this trash talk thread, hoop it up. Today’s video is from Led Zeppelin and is Communication Breakdown (and a pretty cool, very old black and white video from an early Brit teevee appearance), because that is what Brett Favre and the Packers have going on – a communication breakdown. Not to mention that I just saw Robert Plant and Allyson Krauss, and have Zepp on the brain. I will be back with substantive material tomorrow, but I live on the West coast, so not overly early for most of you. You guys have been quiet for too long, trash the joint dammit!

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