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Ridpath condemns Stam for Noose Bill Vote in NC House

NOTE FROM PAM: Ed Ridpath, running as a 2008 Democratic candidate for NC House 37, is a strong supporter of civil rights — and he’s running against one of the state’s leading homophobes and racists, Skip Stam. This district is one of the fastest growth areas in the region (Apex, Cary, Fuquay Varina, Holly Springs, New Hill, Willow Spring). Thanks, Ed, for stopping by and showing that strong allies in our area are standing up and ready to sweep out bigots like Skip Stam. There is no excuse for a vote like this.

I wanted to share a press release I sent out today condemning my opponent for his lone vote against the Noose Bill.


Contact: Ed Ridpath

Telephone: (919) 567-2099

Mobile: (919) 274-0744



Ridpath condemns Stam for Noose Bill Vote.

Ed Ridpath, Fuquay-Varina Democrat and Candidate for NC House 37 made the following statement today:

“On Thursday, the North Carolina House overwhelmingly passed bill S685 by a vote of 113-1. This bill makes displaying a noose, burning a cross, or wearing a hood or disguise for racial intimidation more serious crimes. For those with even a passing familiarity of our state’s history, these very powerful symbols are instantly recognizable as the tools used to oppress African Americans in the Jim Crow era by groups such as the Ku Klux Klan.

Disgracefully, these symbols have been used to the current day for that same purpose, with several recent newsworthy cases where State Employees were targeted. Our General Assembly was right to answer these recent incidents with this strong bi-partisan response.

Paul “Skip” Stam, the lone vote against this bill, exhibited a lack of leadership in moving our great state beyond this shameful legacy of racism and hatred. Even though Representative Stam is the Republican Minority Leader in the North Carolina House, on this issue he leads no one.”

Binker has this story

The NC Legislative Black Caucus, had this to say:

The members of the North Carolina Legislative Black Caucus are utterly shocked, saddened and disappointed in Rep. Skip Stam’s lone vote AGAINST increasing the penalties for cross burnings and noose hangings (Senate Bill 685). The bill passed in the House by a vote of (113 to 1).

Rep. Stam, the House Minority Leader, has taken a position that flies in the face of the forward progress being made in our communities, our state and nation. Further still, Rep. Stam has offered no explanation or apology for the only vote to keep these gross actions from occurring in the future. The LBC hopes Rep. Stam fully understands the implications of his vote on the millions of African Americans and minorities across this state. Representative Alma Adams, legislative Black Caucus chairwoman comments:

“Numerous noose episodes and other instances of hatred throughout our state and nation have been consistent with a kind of terrorism in America that all people should dispel. This legislation is therefore necessary and appropriate for our state to have passed.”

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Ed Ridpath

Ed Ridpath