Comes As No Surprise We’re Destablized

Via reader Macaquakerman, Talat Massoud — a member in good standing of the Pakistani military establishment — has an instructive piece in the Daily Times that tells us what U.S. foreign policy looks like in Islamabad.

From the US perspective the immediate threat of Islamic radicalism rests along the Pak-Afghan border; the Iranian nuclear danger could be dealt with at a more opportune moment. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has also been saying that Iraq is the wrong war and Afghanistan the right one. It would not be long before the US decides to terminate the war in Iraq and declare Afghanistan and Pakistan as the epicentres of the global war on terrorism.

Clearly, any such move will inflame passions in Pakistan. Anti-American sentiments will rise exponentially. The civilian government would be destabilised and moderate forces will be further marginalised. For the Taliban and Al Qaeda this would be an ideal situation.

I’d weigh in on this but right now I have to finish up today’s Crappy Hour with Megan before my imminent flight to Austin for Netroots Nation. I’ll be in the air when it goes live, but click through after 10 a.m. to see us talk about Jesse Jackson and some other shit.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman