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North Carolina legislature stalls anti-bullying bill

North Carolina legislators are stalling on a bill that will protect students, including those who are gay or transgender, from bullying in school.  They are doing this despite the fact that survey results released on Wednesday by Public Policy Polling (PPP) show that 72% of North Carolinians support this explicitly LGBT inclusive anti-bullying bill.  Those in favor of the bill were in the majority in all demographic groups.  Additionally, 58% of Republicans supported the measure.      

Lest anyone think that the results were affected by confusing or leading question wording, here is the text:

There is currently a proposal in the General Assembly that specifies the need to protect children from bullying based on their sexual orientation. Do you think this provision should be passed into law? If yes, press 1. If no, press 2.

According to the News & Observer, the bill stalled due to intense pressure from religious fundamentalists.  However, in light of these survey results, the following question must be asked.  When are North Carolina legislators, both Democratic and Republican, going to stop kowtowing to a pushy group of religious fundamentalists?  These busybodies do not speak for the majority of fair minded North Carolinians.

For the survey results, see http://www.publicpolicypolling…    

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