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Its a DICK move

I hope wealthy white gay males and lesbian females fully comprehend what 4 more years of the bush legacy would mean to our personal freedoms and liberties. If bush, ahem, I mean McCain is elected you will have to make sure that closet door is pulled tightly behind you and no peeekeee for 4 MORE YEARS! It is only human to be wary of those that are a little different than us, but please don’t let the prejudice you may feel towards a man of color be used as a wedge against common sense. And for our sakes, if you beleave that republicans are your economic best buds, take a moment and think of your friends.…

Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks so eloquently stated “It’s a dick move” in referring to the Republican method of courting effluent gays when votes are needed on the QT.

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