Kate and I are here in Austin (she’s visiting relatives, I’m geeking around with fellow bloggers) at Netroots Nation. Right now I’m sitting with former CNN reporter Jacki Schechner, who is communications director with Health Care for America Now. The organization will be releasing an amazing video for on Saturday. She gave me a sneak preview taking on Big Health, and I’ll have it up for you.

Left: with Jacki Schechner in the exhibit hall, after exchanging GTalk IDs. Right: Former U.S. Senate candidate Jim Neal, Ken Ahonen-Jover and Juan Ahonen-Jover of eQualityGiving.org before the GLBTQ caucus.

I’ve started a public Picasa album of pictures from NN, so click over from time to time to check it out over the course of the weekend.

1:30: Mike Rogers and I are moderating the GLBTQ caucus and we have a great turnout. Juan Ahonen-Jover and Ken Ahonen-Jover of eQualityGiving.org (the organization helps to fund pro-LGBT candidates), are here from Florida, which, of course, faces a marriage amendment in their state. Former U.S. Senate candidate Jim Neal gave a big shout out to the Blend and asked folks to donate to help send us to Denver to cover the Dem convention. Thanks, Jim (folks, he’s got campaign debt to retire, so drop some scratch in his tip jar)!

I’m recording this, but the audio may not be great so I’m taking a few notes.

We have folks from all over the country in the house, from Washington State to Washington, DC. We are going to break up into smaller groups based on topic to share war stories.

4:30 PM: Attended the the Black Caucus at Netroots Nation, where I finally met Jesse Taylor, the founder of Pandagon, where I am a contributor. On the right is Cheryl Contee (aka Jill Tubman) of Jack and Jill Politics, also credentialed to cover the DNC. She was co-moderator of the Black Caucus.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding