It’s time to pull out the tiny violin for Dear Leader as we take another dip into the “Ask Mr. President” section at WingNutDaily. The faithful have lost their faith in their political demi-god, which is surprising because I thought that these folks were part of the hardcore 25% who think Bush is doing a stellar job at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Have a good laugh below the fold.  These people got what they deserve.


Posted by NotASheep on Jul 03, 2008 16:30

Pres. Bush, Do you care about anything? Do you drink yourself to unconsciousness every single night? I know I would if I was the president in office as long as you have been & I made all of the decisions that you have.

Do you really, acutally, want americans to live in misery? Do you want us to become just like Meheeco? Do you like it when little children dont have the necessities of life? I think that you do want the above. You want the elitists to have more control & money than 99% of the population dont you.

Do you really believe there is a war on terror? Oh, really, then why can any foreigner & his dog come across the border at will? If we are at war with people that can come across our borders & dirty bomb or suitcase nuke us, then how can we win that war? Yes, I know that we need to kill evil muslims but No Mr. Puppet, I mean, president, there really isnt a war on terror & you do serve a secret agenda because all of your actions are confusing & your rhetoric is unnecessary. Maybe you should just give your new world order buddies the finger & serve your fellow americans! Do the right thing. That is the only way you can secure a half decent legacy at this point…

I need a job

Posted by Ma38570 on Jul 01, 2008 20:07

Hey can I have a job? It seems that outsourcing has destroyed my career. No one wants to hire me because I’m too expensive. You can outsource engineering to China now at 1/8 of my cost.

why have you gone against conservative, christians?

Posted by myraW on Jul 01, 2008 14:15

i voted twice for you and i regret it one worlder



   Posted by angelbear on Jun 28, 2008 14:54

   Mr President I noticed about a week ago that congress were questioning the exec of big oil and they asked them their income the made, what I would like to know is how much did you gross last year from BIG OIL? Are you among the execs who are gouging us poor folk in this great country? I quit working because gas was too high and it didn’t pay me to work outside the home. I live in a very rural area and for me to find a decent job I have to drive 1 hr and that is not possible w/ the price of gasoline in this day & age. I understand that oil may go as high as $7.50 a gallon. When are you people in Washington going to do something about this? The answer is NOT 10 years down the road, something has to be done now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do something

Posted by Maytag on Jun 26, 2008 17:41

Here it is on tonight’s news … a forecast of $7.00 gas.

This is outrages … you as President can do something …

As President you really have done nothing …

We as citizens feel betrayed and very angry. Why don’t you repeal an executive order that your father ordered?

What the aAmerican people want is to have transportation so we can go to work, put food on the table a roof over our heads etc … or is the New World Order (your masters) is telling you what to do…

This is bunk … are you a man or a mouse … looks to me you have been squeaking alot … just to get your piece of cheese … instead of a mouse … it’s been a rat in the white house… especially to the American People.


Posted by PATTICAKE on Jun 04, 2008 12:02

Dear Mr. President: I would like to see an ammendment to the constitution to PROTECT marriage as God designed it to be, between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN. To leave it up to each state only causes confusions, perversions, and opens the door to more dispicable acts. The bible is clear on Gods design for mankind, and marriage. Homosexuality IS an abomination unto God according to the holy scriptures. So do we believe that God will continue to bless America if we become another Sodom and Gamorrah? PLEASE protect the institution of Marriage. Thank You!

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding