Fancy Lad

1. Guy who is very “girly”. Has rosie cheeks and prances around like a nancy boy. Dresses with flare.

2. Someone who says he isn’t gay but acts like a fag all the time.

What is it with the GOP and the insistence on gay-baiting? This is the party of closeted, tortured men trolling for sex in airport bathrooms, park restrooms and assaulting fellow Republicans in their sleep with oral sex attacks, yet they persist in trying to tar Dems with the gay label. The taunts are so high school at this point.

One week after she appeared on the July 7 edition of MSNBC Live and referred to Sens. Barack Obama and John Kerry (D-MA) as “two Ivy League fancy lads,” Fox News hosted Republican strategist Andrea Tantaros on the July 14 edition of America’s Newsroom, during which she called Obama “a fancy lad.” Tantaros was discussing the possibility of Obama’s speaking in front of Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate and called the proposition “risky,” adding that “Obama needs some gravitas, and so that’s why they’re sending him there. He’s a fancy lad. He likes fancy language with fancy backdrops. And that’s exactly why they’re putting him there.” On neither MSNBC nor Fox News was her remark challenged by the anchors of the shows. On MSNBC, Democratic strategist David Goodfriend responded to Tantaros by saying: “Well, first of all, just in response to what Andrea said, there isn’t a single Ivy League fancy guy on that ticket.”

This is so weak — and yes, to my Log Cabin peeps out there, is this the kind of GOP we’re supposed to be educating ourselves about? Will McCain call them on this, or let it slide?

It reminds me of this Ripley’s Believe It Or Not moment from, of all people, Tucker Carlson:

Well, everybody knows that a book club is no place for a man. So why has Barack Obama suddenly turned into Oprah? [Producer] Willie Geist rounds up the girls, brings the chardonnay, and heads to the Oprah book club — or the Obama book club — when we come back.”

…Carlson recently referred to Obama’s “rhetoric” as “kind of wimpy” and said that Obama “seems like kind of a wuss.” Carlson also said that Obama “sounds like a pothead.”

During the segment, Carlson discussed the book clubs with Geist, who claimed that “Obama has violated the trust of men everywhere,” and said: “It makes you wonder what he won’t compromise of himself. Are we going to have mani/pedi parties next? You know what I mean?”

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding