This is a special post to thank Christy for all she does politically and for us here at FDL.

I think we take for granted that we see Senators and other very busy folks willing to come in and talk with us for a while, but you know what? That takes a lot of planning and persuading.

One time after a particularly successful interview, I asked her how long it had taken to set up that particular session, and she laughed and said "years."

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to provide us with the opportunity to talk directly with people who are trying to get things done, and whether we agree with those folks or not, I hope we can at least acknowledge the preparation that has gone into setting up these interviews.

As someone who is primarily an armchair quarterback, I am in awe of all Christy is able to accomplish. She makes it look easy, maybe too easy.

I hope you will take a moment to thank her for what she is doing for us — and for the rule of law.

photo by freeparking