Soup to nuts

While sharing letters to Tiger Beat with Karl Rove isn’t exactly a something that most people would list on their resume, I see no reason why Ron Fournier can’t do for AP’s Washington Bureau what he did for HOTSOUP.com.

Who could ever forget this?

 Dear HOTSOUP Colleague,

Thanks for joining.

We’re off to a fast start. Thousands of people like you, including a few dozen political, business and pop culture leaders, have signed up for our issues-based community that launches in October.

Today begins a series of announcements about some of those Opinion Drivers who are “In the Soup.”
We’re proud to announce that Senator John McCain, seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, Applebee’s International Chairman & CEO Lloyd Hill, Leadership Network founder Bob Buford, and stay-at-home mother/political activist Mary Shull are the first group being featured in a HOTSOUP.com news release today.
Each of these Opinion Drivers responded to the question, “ Why are people hungry for an issues-based community of Opinion Drivers like HOTSOUP.com?” You can see their responses in full, along with the press release, at www.HOTSOUP.com.

You’ll also notice a new poll. We can’t get enough of your opinions.

Please invite your friends, family and co-workers to join us “In the Soup,’’ and stay tuned for more news.
Ron Fournier

To be fair, HOTSOUP.com did last longer than the average  Josh Trevino blog, but then so do mayflies…

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