You Have My Heart And We’ll Never Be Worlds Apart

Meanwhile, here’s a compilation put together with me in mind. Fearless’s Punk Goes Crunk takes mostly-shitty punk bands and has them record punk versions of rap songs that mostly aren’t crunk songs. But whatever, this fucking rules. All Time Low, whoever they are, do a killer "Umbrella," and The Maine — whose music I now feel compelled to download — do a surprisingly tender power-pop version of that Akon/Snoop song about the stripper. Most importantly, Set Your Goals (you named your band after a Civ solo record???) take "Throw Yo Hood Up" and shout out Santa Claus and Obi-Wan.

I could be a schmuck and critique the song selection — the Arrested Development revival must be stopped dead in its tracks — but really, what’s the point. This is a great idea, well executed, and there’s a version of "Got Your Money" that for some reason shouts out Cisco Adler and I’m not entirely sure I know who that is.

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