Pre-Friday Random Ten

Superman cannot save you – cause you’re going to Hell

We are late because the intertubes were broken or plugged or something. On behalf of TimeWarner  Cable we apologize… because they never will.

It a new iPod with potentially embarrassing music on it because I have thrown caution to the wind and I’m working without a net. Yes, I am a seeker of thrills. A devil-may-care crazy-ass mofo who loves to live on the edge.

All of which is to say: Yes. I’ve got Linkin Park on my iPod (because I’m one step closer the edge and I’m about to break). I’m flirtin’ with disaster because of Molly Hatchett. Yes. It is that bad. I figure if I own it, I should own up to it.

So remember: This is not ‘Nam. This is random tenning. There are rules. No skipping.

Walkin‘ – Miles David
Gimme A Sign – Ryan Adams
The Politics of Time – The Minutemen
Idiot Waltz – Shivaree
Echos Myron – Guided By Voices
Asshole – Julian Coryell
Swamp Song – Tool
Going To Hell – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Black Wave – The Shins
Sweetest Decline – Beth Orton
and number eleven because it looks like I dodged a bullet or two: 

Sometimes I Don’t Get You – Yo La Tengo

I’m the luckiest boy on earth.


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