Great Googly Moogly

Used by express permission from Justin Bilicki.

Catching up on all the news. Or at least some of it, anyway:

— Justin Bilicki, whose fine editorial cartoon graces this post, has been nominated for the Science Idol: the Scientific Integrity Editorial Cartoon Contest. You can vote for Justin’s cartoon — or any of the other fab entries — by clicking here. (Justin’s is number 6. No pressure.) More from Justin at his art blog.

— As always, just go read Digby. And amen.

— The good news from yesterday? Ted Kennedy.

Crooks and Liars has a great clip up from Naomi Klein, who would like us all to contemplate the Shock Doctrine potential of extortion. Oh, and speaking of oil? Nothing like rumors of installing your own yes man, is there?

Yglesias has some questions about fiscal sanity that didn’t seem to occur to Foreclosure Phil Gramm earlier. Guess Matt’s just a whiner, too.

— Stoller has more on the McCain flip-flop-flip on climate and environmental policy.

KathyG has some more reasons to be grumpy.

— Huge congratulations to Pam’s House Blend for being apparently full of freakishly scary "[r]adical, reason-challenged, pro-homosexuals". Awesome.

— Huge thank you to Barbara at Maha for walking through the particulars. Add in this from Jesse at GNB. And these two blasts from the past as well.

What’s catching your eye in the news or on the blogs today?

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