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Blue America Awards the FISA Defiant Dozen

senate.jpegIt’s hard to accept any of the justifications that have been given by Congressional sell-outs for backing the FISA bill. Did they want to seem "strong" on national security? Considering the press (and everyone else) are talking about the Senate "bowing to President Bush’s demands," it’s difficult to imagine what they thought they’d gain — or that they expected to be perceived as anything with more fortitude than a box of jelly donuts.

Blue America is going to reward a dozen of those who stood strong and showed leadership on this front (both incumbents and challengers) with donations of $1,000 each:

  1. Chris Dodd
  2. Rep. Tom Allen
  3. Tom Udall
  4. Carol Shea-Porter
  5. Doug Tudor
  6. Dennis Shulman
  7. State Senator Andrew Rice
  8. Rick Noriega
  9. Jim Himes
  10. Jon Tester
  11. Darcy Burner
  12. Russ Feingold Progressive Patriot’s Fund

We hope this will be just the first.

Maybe carrots of the cash variety will be able to penetrate the logic black hole that surrounds the beltway?

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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