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Obama’s Sweet Nothings

Oh baby:

"I am someone who is no doubt progressive," he said, adding that he believes in universal health care…

He sure talks the talk. Too bad his health care plan isn’t universal. Hilary’s was. Edwards’ was. Obama’s isn’t. But don’t worry, Obama believes.

Mmm, those sweet hot whispers. Like Obama’s belief in abortion rights. You can have that abortion. ‘Ceptin’ all those women having late term abortions for kicks (anyone ever known even one?), so we need to make some rules so government can go all Schiavo on them at eight months. Let’s start having court cases over what counts as enough emotional distress to justify late term abortions. Obama’s for abortion rights, just not for women who don’t deserve them. Just like he’s for universal health care. Except not for everyone.

His sweet talk is the same as every other empty suit’s to a pretty woman – he just wants her to say "yes", just one time, in this case – just one time in November.

But when they listen real close, they hear that his health care plan isn’t actually universal, and his support of Roe vs. Wade is only if mental illness isn’t involved.

Sweet but empty.

Obama. Obama. Obama.

Please, please, no more sweet and empty. It’s not Diet Obama we’re looking for.

Be for the 4th amendment. Be for abortion rights. And be for universal health are. Don’t just say you’re progressive one day, then the next day say "except…"

No more sweet nothings.

Real commitment will get you eight years, not just one day.

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Ian Welsh

Ian Welsh

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