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Michele Bachmann thinks school districts should not be financially and environmentally responsible

Rural school districts have been hit especially hard by the rise in fuel costs.  Because the population density is low it requires school buses to drive longer distances to pick up and drop off the children.

The great sage that is M. Bachmann thinks it is wrong for them to go to a four day school week to cut busing fuel expenses by 20%.  Oh…and of course the fuel costs are the fault of the Democrats.…

Another fine example of the everyday impact of the Democrat Congress’ failure to address the issue of energy with any substantial piece of legislation. Sadly, our school districts are putting into practice the close relative of the gas plan of Barack Obama and other Democrats — “get off the road and drive less.” What’s next, staying home from school all together? This is no solution.

Direct link to her blog (I’m sure there are other gems in there too, but I haven’t checked..):


As one commenter said in the CityPages link, “Shes on the bong.”

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