Honeybees and Squash in DownTown Detroit: The Return of Mother Nature

In Detroit, nature is beginning to reclaim urban areas. There are pheasants roaming in some of the city’s 40,000 vacant lots and even a tree rising from the roof of the fifty year old Packard auto plant. There’s also no major national or regional grocery store in the city’s downtown. It is what Mari Gallagher calls a food desert, a place where it is easier to get fast food than real food.

On day nine of his Red State Road Trip, Chris Hume documents the rise and fall of this great American city and what its residents are doing to grow their own food. Today in downtown Detroit, on land reclaimed by the city, local inhabitants are growing grapes, asparagus, currants, and gooseberries. And they’re raising honeybees in an attempt to create the first twenty-first century green sustainable city in America. Red State Road Trip is a Shoot and Run Productions. More episodes can be seen online at

And coming up tonight on GRITtv, subprime 101. Our roundtable dissects the current mortgage crisis.

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