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Bye-Bye Fourth Amendment, It’s Been Swell…


Today’s FISA vote was not a surprise. We’ve been fighting this battle for a long time, and will continue to fight it. But I hope it abolished once and for all the idea that our leaders are going to "lead" on this issue without encouragement to do so. Barack Obama and others will be great on this stuff when there is a reason for them to be great — when the public comes together in a meaningful way and provides the political climate where it becomes the wise thing to do.

We’re not there yet.

To make it happen, we need to reward those who were with us. We need to punish those who stood against us. We need to recruit and support primary challengers, and help those people with the tools they need to run winning races that don’t rely on being in the good graces of the political establishment.

Wired has an article today about what we’ve been doing so far on the FISA front, but here’s a quick rundown:

We’re also planning to make campaign contributions to House and Senate candidates who stood with us.

But we’re only getting started. We’re joining together with a broad coalition of groups across the political spectrum who fear that the constitution is being shredded in favor of a police state.

What you can do now:

  • Donate to AccountabilityNowPAC through ActBlue
  • Pledge to return on August 8 when we detonate the money bomb
  • Sign on to have your blog or website listed on the sponsor page
  • Spread the word by placing one of these delightful logos on your web page

Regardless of your political bent — Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Independent or none of the above — we should all be concerned about holding politicians to their oath to uphold the constitution.

As Russ Feingold said today, "Members of this body will regret that we passed this legislation."

Yes they will.

(Barrow, Washington Post and Carney newspaper ads by The Seminal)

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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