It was a good year

Before moving on to other things, and because it deserves notice, as of today the recherche and still nubile mrs tbogg (seen here with the late great Cooder) and I have been married for twenty-five years which,  judging from  reactions from some of our acquaintances, must qualify us for entry into some kind of marriage museum because everyone seems to think it pretty "unusual" these days.

The secret of our success is a relationship based upon love, respect, mutual admiration, acceptance, common interests, laughter and "doing it". Most people would settle for any two of those… as long as, you know,  "doing it" was definitely one of them.  Better still if "common interests" was the other one and the "common interest" happened to be "doing it".

Now that I have done my part to promote marriage in America, where’s my check?



Yeah. Like I would tell you....