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McCain’s Dick Cheney

Moments later McCain bellowed “PUTTIN ON DA RITZZZZ”

Ah yes, the person John McCain has following him around like Joe Lieberman in slacks:

There’s been lots of buzz that Sen. John McCain is considering business leaders for his vice presidential pick: FedEx’s Frederick Smith, former eBay boss Meg Whitman, or former Hewlett-Packard head Carly Fiorina. Well now one sounds like she wants the post. Fiorina, now head of the Republican National Committee’s Victory Committee, said she wouldn’t mind being in his cabinet either. "There are many, many people who would be honored to serve in McCain’s cabinet, and depending on the opportunity, I would be as well," she says. "One of the great things about my life right now is I have lots of options and lots of opportunities, and I have learned that if you’re open to options and opportunities, the future tends to take care of itself. So I’m not really worried about what’s next."

Yeah, she has lots of options and opportunities…wonder why that is?

Carleton Sneed Fiorina [ed. that’s right "Carleton Sneed", try to keep the coffee from coming out of your nose] took the helm at HP in 1999, having been deemed "Perfect Enough" for the job. Six years later, the decision proved to be a definite "backfire." On 9 February 2005, HP’s Board of Directors requested Fiorina’s immediate resignation, allegedly for her failure to execute her corporate strategy in a timely manner. Since she resigned rather than being officially terminated, she received $45M USD worth of stock options and severance pay on top of her regular salary and cash bonuses after five years at the company

Getting fired from your CEO gig AND getting a cool $45 million as a reward is definitely the kind of "change" a Republican can believe in.

And Carleton Sneed Fiorina definitely believed in a Republican form of job growth:

Ms Fiorina, whose toughness and uncompromising character made her one of the most visible businesswomen in the United States, crafted HP’s controversial, 20-billion-dollar purchase of computer maker Compaq in 2002…

The merger with Compaq was designed to make HP a PC powerhouse capable of taking on industry giant Dell in a sector whose profit margins are slim.

But opponents criticised her for diluting the value of HP’s printer and accessory business, which had been the firm’s most lucrative enterprise by far.

More than 17,000 employees were laid off in the merger, which also led to the departure of Walter Hewlett, son of HP co-founder William Hewlett, from the company’s board of directors.

And more success you can believe in from the "Elaine Benes" to the Jerry, Kramer and George that are McCain, Graham & Lieberman:

During her tenure at HP, Carly drove the share value of HP stock down by ~58 percent, and failed to return the firm to growth mode.

Surely, this is the person to pull a Dick Cheney & make herself McSame’s VP choice.

Oh…how exciting.

And Carleton Sneed has one more choice quote to remember her by given Obama’s recent announcement of speaking before a stadium full of supporters:

Fiorina, speaking at a breakfast with reporters hosted by The Christian Science Monitor, said McCain prefers more intimate settings, and “it isn’t much of a dialogue to have a speech in a stadium of 70,000 people.”

Yes, because nomination acceptance speeches before crowds of drunks wearing stupid hats using aerosol horns are known for their intimacy. One has the feeling ol’ Carleton Sneed was 100% behind ‘Lime Jello & Cottage Cheese’ McCain a few weeks ago like she was pushing a new HP OfficeJet all-in-one (now with glory hole!).

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