Per McCain, “Maybe it will kill them”…

There is a trade ban in effect between the US and Iran.  Yet tobacco companies in the US managed to ship $158 million dollars of cigarettes into Iran…hmm.

And now McCain feels he can joke about the health effect of smoking cigarettes…

“Maybe that’s a way of killing them,” McCain told reporters, smiling as he waited for a cheesesteak sandwich at the Primanti Brothers restaurant. His wife, sitting next to him at the counter, poked his back without looking up.

Oh…and after Mrs. McCain jabbed him…

“I meant that as a joke,” McCain quickly explained. “As a person who hasn’t had a cigarette in 28 years,” he began to say, when his wife corrected him: 29 years.

Is that a reference to the Senior Senator’s advanced age?  From his current wife?



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