Can you get it any better than this? The headline in the Chicago Sun-Times —

Airport stall may return to spotlight: Sen. Craig’s hook-up site on view for GOP convention-goers.

Thousands of members of the international media will have to walk past it when they land at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport for the Republican National Convention in St. Paul at the end of the summer.

Many will feel obligated to stop and file a story. For the party that bills itself as stronger on family values than the Democrats, it likely will prove an unwelcome distraction.

Craig responded that he just had a “wide stance,” was “not gay” and only pleaded guilty to avoid a spectacle that would spread from Minneapolis to Idaho. Craig tried to withdraw his guilty plea, but an appeals court turned him down. The Senate’s ethics panel reprimanded Craig for his conduct and said it did not believe his denials.

It will be great to see a nice MSM roundup of the tinderbox of GOP sexual hypocrite scandals that blew up in the party’s face, particularly since Mr. Toe-Tapper and Mr. Pampers are co-sponsors of Craig/Vitter Marriage Protection Amendment.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding