Because C-Span II was all booked up with white men a-droning

A clear and present threat to our God-given way of life

K-Lo who knows more about the synergy between  the personal and the political than you ever will, stops and wonders:

Weird Choice   [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

This is not certainly not the biggest issue of the election year, but why would Barack Obama let his daughters’ first interview be with Access Hollywood?

Follow the link and you’ll see a brilliant example of the selling of the Obamas as… kind of a normal, charming, and funny family instead of Black Liberationist elitist Marxist mud people.

Who knew?

Having said that, I guess it’s a miracle that Malia and Sasha Obama have turned out so well considering all of the  "hate" that they have been exposed to instead of being raised up in the loving embrace of good old American values.

If the yappy-type conservative bloggers think that they are going to be able to paint the Obamas as the black Manson family they certainly have their work cut out for them, particularly in a post-Jesse Helms world where shouting "nigger nigger nigger" doesn’t play like it used to.

(Added): Jesus  Christ on a kaiser roll, what the hell is wrong with Michelle Malkin? Besides the obvious:

Who the hell puts Grey Poupon and gherkins (don’t ask me what those are, I have no idea) in tuna sandwiches for kids?

She doesn’t know what a gherkin is?

You know, there are more food groups than onion rings and donuts

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