It’s nice to see another moral beacon go down hard, but it’s simply precious when he takes his party down the rathole with him. Remember triple threat Vito J. Fossella? He was arrested a bit ago on a DUI in Virginia, and then it was exposed that he was not only fornicating outside of his sacred marital bond,  he was also spreading his holy seed to procreate with his mistress.

What made the exposure so delicious is that Fossella was a moral pillar of the community, as it were, opposing anything pro-LGBT to prove his mettle, including shunning his lesbian sister and her partner at family events, and voted to ban any funding for joint adoptions by gay couples and supports a Marriage Protection Amendment of all things.

But alas, the Republicans in Staten Island (Vito’s district), scrambled to find someone worthy of the seat, since it’s the only GOP-held House district in the city. And they found former Wall Street executive Frank Powers. But then a little problem arose. Powers

died suddenly of a heart attack on June 22. Republican officials from the New York City boroughs of Staten Island, which makes up three-quarters of the district’s population, and Brooklyn, which makes up the rest, have thus far failed to agree on their next fill-in candidate.

Kings County Republican Party Chairman Ed Eaton, who oversees party efforts in Brooklyn, has thrown his support behind retired investment banker Paul Atanasio and has called, without success so far, for concurrence from his counterparts in Richmond County, a.k.a. Staten Island.

It’s getting down to the short hairs for these guys.

Brooklyn political consultant Gerry O’Brien, who works with clients from both major parties, said Republicans’ recruiting problems all but assured Democrats would win the 13th District in November.

“It’s flabbergasting. That’s the only word I can think of. It is as if they seem intent on serving this seat up to Democrats on a silver platter with chocolate mints around the edge,” O’Brien said.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding