Here are some recent articles that make for interesting compare & contrast moments. I’ll leave it to y’all to draw conclusions about the interesting messaging that can be drawn by holding up certain articles side by side.

And, consider this an open thread for what’s on your mind too.

Set one to compare & contrast:

From the National Catholic Registrar‘s Boys Will Be Girls? (emphasis added):

Sometimes little boys playing with their sister’s Barbies or little girls refusing to wear dresses are just a passing phase. Sometimes, it’s more serious: Mental health professionals call it Gender Identity Disorder or gender dysphoria syndrome when the condition of viewing oneself as having an opposite-sex identity is, among other things, consistent and lasts more than two years.

So-called “transgender” children are increasingly likely to be channeled into programs that treat them with hormones and on the road to full “sexual reassignment” – including amputating surgeries to give them pseudo-genitalia of the opposite sex.

…The Catholic response is rooted in the Church’s theology of the body, which holds that each person is a unity of body and soul made in the image and likeness of God. Because of this, the Second Vatican Council’s pastoral constitution Gaudium et Spes (The Church in the Modern World) states that “man may not despise his bodily life. Rather he is obliged to regard his body as good and to hold it in honor since God has created it and will raise it up on the last day.”

As well, in Catholic theology there is no such thing as being “trapped in the wrong body.” Human beings are created male and female and although humanity’s fallen nature can result in psychological disunity and confusion regarding an individual’s sexual identity, every person’s body reveals his or her God-given gender.

From Southern Voice‘s Atlanta police officer shares story of being intersex:

…[Atlanta Police Department’s LGBT liaison, Officer Darlene] Harris dutifully kept the appointment and when the gynecologist learned Harris had never had a regular menstrual cycle, she decided to run several tests to determine, among other things, Harris’ levels of estrogen and testosterone.

When Harris returned to the doctor’s office to find out the lab results, the doctor expressed concern because most of the test results came back abnormal.

“The doctor pulled everything up on the computer, and I see lots of red lettering. I didn’t know what it meant, but she said that each of these tests came back in red and for her that’s a problem,” Harris said.

The tests revealed Harris’ testosterone levels were much higher than the range for the average male. At first, the doctor worried Harris may have tumors. She began months of medical testing with an endocrinologist that eventually concluded with a chromosome test. That test revealed Harris had the XY chromosome – the male chromosome.

[More compare & contrast stuff below the fold.]Next set to compare & contrast:

From the TimesOnline (United Kingdom) piece How blue pills turned Heidi Krieger into a man:

At the heart of the story were those bright blue pills. Krieger discovered that they were not vitamin tablets but androgenic-anabolic steroids called Oral-Turinabol, powerful prescription drugs that built muscle and induced male sexual characteristics.

“We did not question the pills because in GDR times you were expected to trust your coaches,” [East German Gold Medalist Shot Putter] Krieger says. “Nobody thought, ‘Is this dangerous for me?’ The coaches said the pills were important to keep us fit and healthy. I did not even consider the possibility that they might be harmful. We were doing incredibly tough power training, so I thought that was the reason I was growing more muscles and strength.”

[Andreas, formerly Heidi] Krieger was not alone in being fed the blue pills. According to the secret files, more than 10,000 athletes were doped with Oral-Turinabol over a 20-year period. Extensive experimentation by East German doctors revealed that the steroids had the greatest impact on the sporting performance of women, who naturally lacked androgens (male hormones).

From ScienceDaily‘s Agriculture Linked To Frog Sexual Abnormalities:

A farm irrigation canal would seem a healthier place for toads than a ditch by a supermarket parking lot.

But University of Florida scientists have found the opposite is true. In a study with wide implications for a longstanding debate over whether agricultural chemicals pose a threat to amphibians, UF zoologists have found that toads in suburban areas are less likely to suffer from reproductive system abnormalities than toads near farms — where some had both testes and ovaries.

“As you increase agriculture,” said Lou Guillette, a distinguished professor of zoology, “you have an increasing number of abnormalities.”

Two last articles to compare & contrast:

From Eyewitness News MemphisFamily of Murdered Transgender Seeks Justice:

Porshia and her mom did not know until after Rodney was found shot to death behind a Southeast Memphis daycare on Tuesday, July 1,2008, in a parking lot littered with used condoms, that he’d been turning tricks for money since he was 16. They also didn’t know he was a transgender.

Rodney’s mug-shot, taken during a previous arrest for prostitution, shows a beautiful young African-American woman, with reddish streaks in her long blonde hair, arched brows, perfectly applied eyeshadow and lip liner and a gold necklace with tiny butterflies on it. Rodney went by the name “Ebony” when he was dressed as a woman.

From Traditional Values Coalition‘s House Committee Holds She-Male Hearing: Why?:

Unreported in most of the media last week was the first congressional hearing ever held on alleged “transgender discrimination” in the workplace. This hearing was to offset the overwhelming opposition that arose last year from fellow democrats who forced the removal from the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) of language for special rights for she-males, drag queens, cross dressers, and those having sex changes with operations or hormones. This hearing was a charade attempting to show how normal these lifestyles are.

There are several reasons TVC would oppose an ENDA type bill adding gender identity. First, this would give minority status to this behavioral group that has no claim to the requirement of being insular and discreet or being “born” that way, similar to race. Secondly, such an anti-discrimination law would make victims of people who believe in the natural law of the creative order of man and woman and open to being considered bigots and possibly receiving the punishments of the law.

Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen