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Miami Herald covers media swirl around Crist – and avoids the obvious

I’m not sure how you can explore Florida governor Charlie Crist’s shameless self-promotion for McCain’s consideration as VP (after all, the long-time “bachelor” is willing to get married to pass muster) without going into the ample number of stories about the governor’s semi-padlocked closet, as well as the rampant talk of it within GOP circles.

Guess what, The Miami Herald does. In an amazing piece by Mary Ellen Klas, “Media attention on Crist inspires VP murmurs,” you don’t get an inkling of the level of murmurs out there — in print — about Crist’s life prior to his engagement to Carole Rome  (announced this past week with great fanfare).

For months, Crist has courted the national media with dozens of interviews, lunches with network anchors and prime time appearances on the political ”talking head” circuit. He defies convention and gives state and national reporters his cellphone number and then answers their calls. And he’s urged his stable of financial contributors to contribute to McCain en masse.

The governor has even allowed his personal life to become very public. The 51-year-old bachelor has courted Miami businesswoman Carole Rome since October. He invited her to John McCain’s Arizona ranch over Memorial Day weekend — a trip perceived to be part social and part vice presidential vetting. He told The New York Times to ”stay tuned” about wedding bells, and on Thursday he announced his engagement and likely fall wedding.

The subhead is equally hilarious — Is the Florida governor’s headline-grabbing behavior typical or is he aligning himself for vice presidential consideration?

Typical of what? We never find out, really. How about reporting on that tape GOP sleazemeister Roger Stone’s allegedly shopping around that “proves” Charlie’s he-man woman-lover status? That seems to rise a bit above the whispering status if there is a campaign to quash talk about what a potential gay/bi veep choice might mean for the party. More below the fold. But we do, however, learn about the denials by Crist about something else —

Crist denies he’s trying to become a running mate contender. ”My hopes are to continue to serve as the best governor I can for the people of Florida,” he said again last week.

And this:

Back in January, Crist’s name recognition barely registered on the national media meter, but today it’s a daily utterance among bloggers, political commentators and columnists.

Gee, but what are they talking about in those utterances? Klas doesn’t tell us, all we get is this “solution” to Charlie’s little problem:

His engagement news also serves to quell rumors within the blogosphere about the longtime bachelor’s sexuality.

Bahahahahahahaha. What kind of bizarre straight-washing reporting is this? Never mind that, what kind of reporting is this? Maybe no one at the Herald wants to dip a toe into the information that’s already out there.

Please, please John McCain, pick Charlie. We want the nation to learn what the pain of the closet is all about.


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