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Late Late Nite FDL: Declaration Of Impotence & The Heart Of Firedogs & Cats

While the new leader of the Democratic party makes absurd FISA compromise excuses in what I will forever consider a Declaration Of Impotence, good people are doing good things in spite of what seems to be our own constitutional demise.

Small fun case in point. mail.jpegLast week firedog #1 managed to rescue a frightened trapped 4 1/2 week old kitten from the bowels of their car engine. After the excitement of said rescue, a quick visit to the vet for treatment of an apparent eye infection and regular shots, and a conversation with another firedog, firedog #2 decided to adopt the kitty which would have had no other option than a trip to the humane society.

Now we need your help with naming the kitty.

Please note, I already suggested Patrick Henry.

And Dip Stick.

Yes, it’s a little boy kitty.


Aside from your name suggestions, please do tell us what’s on your mind tonight?

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