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July 4, 1776 — A Triumph of Liberalism

My favorite part of the Fourth isn’t the fireworks, or the hot dogs, or the grilling of various meats with the neighbors, or the watermelon. Or the parades or the patriotic movies (though HBO’s John Adams is absolutely awesome — go get it immediately if you haven’t seen it) or getting the day off or even the Twilight Zone marathon on Sci-Fi.

No, what I really love about the Fourth is walking around with the smug satisfaction that those bunch of authoritarians running around today — the Krauthammers and the Limbaughs and the Noonans, the Goldbergs, the Wills, the K-Los, the Steyns, the Brookses, the Dobsons, the Robertsons, the Yorks, the Malkins and the Hewitts — would all undoubtedly be Loyalists in 1776. Heh.

Enjoy your day.

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Blue Texan

Blue Texan