I decided to post the boys later than the random ten this week so we can leave them up through the 4th of July; a day  we celebrate  by taking time off from work, eating foods that seem suspiciously unhealthy, and getting horrifically sunburned. America! Fuck yeah! Things should be a bit more sedate in my neighborhood this year since we banned the beach booze which is no skin off my nose since I don’t drink and I’m all about restricting the rights of others. Particularly drunk others.

Normally we go to a movie on the evening of the fourth because the theaters are usually deader than Bob Dole’s dick and if I want to see fireworks I can do that anytime by just rubbing my eyes really really hard. Oooo. Aaaah. But since we’re not sure how Fenway ( six months old this past Tuesday) is going to handle the snap, crackle, and pop of freedom marching so we’ll probably just stay home and watch something suitably patriotic like Reds. Or Harold and Kumar. Whatever.

Anyway, here’s your dose of dog:


(Click to make ginormous.. relatively speaking)



Yeah. Like I would tell you....