Didn’t see that on major US news yet – maybe people here aren’t as surprised (and amused) about religious fanatics as people in other countries are: Polygamist sect launches children’s clothes range.  The Texas polygamist (and child abuse?) sect uses the publicity around them to launch a clothing line.  No chastity belts or anything like that – just clothes.  Even though the underwear they offer would serve as psychological chastity belt in most parts of the world.

So, here is the shopping link for the weekend: FLDSdress.com – need a baggy dress for you or your kids or yourself?  You’ll find it there.

But here is the problem – no one seems to have thought about the target group:

  • Fashionistas won’t wear this – listen to Tim Gunn.
  • Fundamental Christians?  Well, they can’t wear it – since most of it is a classic Poly/Cotton blend – and we all know, what Leviticus thinks about that!

And in the end, I am not quite sure, whether the kid’s clothing line is something you want your kids to wear: “Oh, nice dress little Mandy is wearing!” – “Yes, we bought it from the polygamist website.”