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Interesting BOLTHOUSE update

If you are not familiar with this tedious saga, Bolthouse is a food company. Its founder started a “will of god” foundation with the pro-forma contributions to the extreme homophobic right. This, in turn, led to some boycotts. You can use The Google for more information.

Anyhow, Bolthouse claims that he sold the company. The company has insisted that Bolthouse is no longer a shareholder. As the company is privately held, no further information was available.

Until, that is, our friend Tony Perkins started an anti-boycott drive which states (emphasis added):

“. . . the intimidation tactics are being endorsed by one of the nation’s largest unions — the AFL-CIO.  Homosexual advocates, with the powerful backing of national union leaders, are calling for a boycott of Bolthouse Farms, a California company . . . simply because one of the minority owners donated money to the petition drive to put a marriage amendment on the ballot.

Assuming that “CofCC Tony” is right, then that confirms that Bolthouse and the Bolthouse company are liars. Again, truth does not seem to be an important value for the values crowd if it interferes with gay bashing.

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