94227001_23ed89beb9_m.jpgThe Republican Party in Texas is so awesome.

Texans would have to wait two years to get a divorce — unless they take a class designed to save their marriage — under a proposal a key state lawmaker says he plans to revive.

"The deal is, we need to take marriage more seriously," said [Warren] Chisum, who in October will celebrate his 51st wedding anniversary.

Who is Warren Chisum? A DeLay-style theocrat who wants to keep gubmint outta the way of big bidness (he’s an oil man who once tried to dump nuclear waste in Andrews County) but loves to make intrusive, un-American laws based on his personal religious beliefs. He thinks homosexuality is a choice and has quite a few, shall we say, unusual views.

TO: How do you deal with language in the Bible that doesn’t fit our society, things like mentions of slavery?

WC: Yeah, you know you talk about slavery, and certainly there was slavery in the Bible, but you know it was for the slave to serve the master and for the master to be kind to the slave. It’s no different than in employment today.

Oh, and he’s the chairman of the Texas House Appropriations Committee.

Quick! Someone ask the Republican Party’s nominee for president what he thinks of this law. Did he have to wait 2 years before dumping his first wife for Cindy?

Blue Texan

Blue Texan