Cool like Uhura

As I’m sure you’re aware (or maybe not, but so what? play along!) California went hands free phoning while driving today and I think that this is a very good first step, at least until they get around to banning cell phones altogether.

I hate talking on the phone. And I really hate the fact I can be reached any time any place because I carry a cell. Unfortunately, due to  for  reals job, I’m on call 24/7 in case there are "problems". For this reason I have to take my cell with me everywhere which, in a word, sucks.

This evening the ever-thoughtful and hootertastic mrs tbogg presented me with a Jawbone which, presumably I’ll use for hands-free talking but more likely for listening to music while pretending to be on the phone. Of course none of this will happen until the lovely and talented Casey sets it up and teaches me how to use it because I am stupid in The Ways of the Cell.

Having said all of that, this is my favorite story from the Day the State of the State Improved:

Chula Vista traffic officers had cited 55 motorists by late afternoon, hearing some novel excuses in the process, said Bernard Gonzales, a police spokesman.

“A male motorist was still holding his cell phone in his hand, while talking to an officer … He claimed he was using it to scratch his head,” Gonzales said.

In another case, he said, “a female motorist was talking on her phone, and saw the officer looking at her. She attempted to throw (the phone) out the driver’s window, but it clanked and fell into her lap.”

Epic Cell Fail.



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