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WEDDING TRADITIONS: Any you flaunted,hated but did anyway, just whatever.

So here is my story from 35+ years ago. (and we agree its a keeper). At least it was held in California, and at 25 we paid for it all, so we got what we wanted, which included not having to invite my soon-to-be StepMother IL's neightbors. Yes STEPMotherIL the emphasis is a whole other family dynamic thing.

What came to mind first when I was beginning this idea was that i had to wear a yellow…well not-white wedding dress. My SIL insisted and since I was 'stealing' her baby brother (6'3 Army Captain just returned from Vietnam, finishing college on GI Bill at Berkeley..oh yeah I was!)I had to mollify her as I had been married before.

Actually that was a big help, because I was converting to Catholicsim and since my first husband was Catholic but we were married by the neighbor Navy Chaplain…I was NOT ever married, in the eyes of the Catholic Church…eg I was not a divorcee, I was an 'annulee', so we could be married in the Church and have a Mass….except.


We wanted to be married on a Sunday of a long weekend, so that my husband could spend an extra day with his best man who he'd not seen in years. Well…you could not have a Mass if you got married on Sunday, even though his father was a founding Deacon of the church we were married in.

We wanted 'Raindrops' from Butch Cassidy for our song…but it was not traditional…so no.

We moved just before we were married, and my SMIL would not let his teen brothers (18 & 16) help us move. That would be sinful…and we did not even have a box of 'toys' or anything..still don't, but considering now.

Few more …  First of all my mother was full Swedish, I have a sister and one girl cousin.  Of course they were all raised Lutheran. My sister married first to a Catholic. Well no one on my mothers side of the family would come to the wedding! Couldn't go to a catholic wedding. (The Priest came to the reception at our house and he and the Navy Chaplain were a kick!) Then my cousin got married. To a Catholic. and they went to the reception not the wedding.Then I got married…yep to a Catholic…and they all said to heck with it and came to both wedding and reception! and had a fine time, imagine that!

Another good one, we went to Hawaii for our no stories there. Woops forgot, I had the worst yeast infection I have ever had, seawater and other stuff was painful. Then being so tired we fell asleep on the beach the first day, with the tradewinds blowing, for over 2 hours. Now my husband is Spanish/Mexican-French-Italian..yep a proud multiracial, and I at least have the dark Welsh tannable skin. But 2 hours in the Hawaiian sun! Another no no, badly sunburned backs on your honeymoon!

Finally, we had given the keys to the apartment to his family..yep the teens who couldn't help us move in!  When we got back the ENTIRE apartment was ceiling-deep in balloons!!! That was neat. They said they had a kick doing it.

Your turn now if anyone wants to vent.

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