I mentioned earlier that you don’t want to be telling yourself I’m-I’m-I’m wrong about the new G-Unit record. That’s a reference to a recently-released phone call that’s caused some controversy. Not long ago, 50 Cent kicked Young Buck out of G-Unit, and soon afterward, a Hot 97 personality got ahold of a taped conversation between Buck and Fif in which Buck tearfully confesses I’m-I’m-I’m wrong… He also says that he could never write a dis track against 50, no matter what happens to his Unit status, owing to everything the Unit’s done for him. (And honestly, stop reading now if you’re not interested in 100 percent USDA Prime.)

So I first came across the taped call on ThisIs50.com, suggesting that the Unit wasn’t exactly concerned with keeping the call private. There was also an Ed Lover clip up there making fun of Buck. So, insult to injury I guess. I was laughing — it’s funny! — but Kriston thought that was wrong.

Buck isn’t taking things lying down. In a couple of weeks, he’s put together precisely the dis tracks that he told Fif on the taped call he couldn’t even think about. And I’m with him there: if my phone call was surreptitiously taped and then released to humiliate me, all bets are off and all previous assurances of goodwill are rendered inoperative. The first track is angry, and the second one is more like cycling through grief. So hold your head, Buck! I’m sorry I laughed. I know what it’s like to be discarded and then kicked in the ass on your way out the door. I post these in the interest of fairness, having originally posted about the new G-Unit record.

Dis number one…

… and because I can’t seem to post two clips in the same post, dis 2 will have to wait. To be continued!

Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman

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