The “Right” Stuff

bush-flightsuit-doll02.jpgAfter all, the last eight years has definitely proved the value of occasionally flying a military airplane.

This man has definitely proven that because he can fly a jet, he’s fully capable of crashing the entire country!

So let’s just extrapolate, the latest indication that a 4-star ground pounder is completely unable to question the ability of a military pilot to lead the country on the basis of flight training and skills.

If only this had only been the policy in the past.

We could have been spared this guy, who not only couldn’t fly, he couldn’t walk.

Just think, if we followed the philosophy of just admitting those who can fly, can better lead, we would have managed to avoid all that World War II unpleasantness by having summit meetings between the President of the United States and the Chancellor of Germany:

And nothing bad ever happened again…*

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