New Wave Feminism, Wallace Shawn on Being Bourgeois, and The United States of Poetry

Now that the race is run, much has been made of the gender bias that Hillary Clinton faced in her primary battle with Barack Obama. Everybody from DNC chair Howard Dean to conservative pundit William Kristol on Fox News Sunday are talking about sexism and why it matters. At least that’s what they’d like us to believe. As Obama and McCain are busy courting the female vote, we at GRITtv ask our roundtable what a feminist campaign would look like and if there is more than mere politics to the current discourse.

Rebecca Traister, staff writer at Salon, Mia Herndon, Director of Programs at Third Wave, and Lisa Witter, COO of Fenton Communications and co-author of The She Spot, discuss where second and third wave feminism intersect and why the conversation about the role of gender and sexism in politics won’t stop in November.

And playwright and actor Wallace Shawn discusses his work, the perverse pleasure of power, and the subject of a recent speech he gave at the Academy of Arts and Letters: The Unobtrusives. Shawn touches on everything from his own childhood, traveling to India at the age of 21, putting pressure on Barack Obama, and why the Democratic Party is part of the imperial system.

Finally, the American News Project spends a week with Brian Duss who agrees to take the Food Stamp Challenge and live off a dollar per meal for seven days. Find out how he fares. And Amiri Baraka and Leonard Cohen in a clip from the “United States of Poetry,” a Washington Square film directed by Mark Pellington and Produced by Joshua Blum and the Bowery Poetry Club’s Bob Holman.

All that and more on GRITtv.

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