Here we go with the “Christian nation” and religious persecution complex again. (OneNewsNow):

North Carolina Congressman Robin Hayes says some officials with the Department of Veterans Affairs are engaging in anti-Christian discrimination.

Last year officials with the Department of Veterans Affairs ordered the VA Hospital in Fayetteville to remove all Christian religious symbols from its chapel – crosses, Bibles, and stained glass windows. According to the VA, the chapel must remain “neutral” in order to make worshippers of all faiths “comfortable.”

And the problem with that is what? I thought we are a country with people of diverse faiths (or none at all)?  Hayes said that these veterans need to be able to “pray for the restoration of America’s Christian heritage.”

“This is the very basic and crux and core of our religious faith and of who we are in this country. And it has certainly offended me, as I know it has a number of other people, to see these articles of faith removed that our veterans have fought, bled, and died in order to preserve.”

Man, I can’t wait until these cultural fossils go the way of the dodo. It’s all the more reason to Larry Kissell to help send Hayes into retirement.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding