53458750_4ecb1fbec0_m.jpgI’m pretty sure the can be no other explanation for this other than the fact that McSame is totally out of his mind.

In an interview with reporters on the back of his campaign bus, the “Straight Talk Express” Monday afternoon, McCain said that even in retrospect he would still have voted to authorize the war, as he did in 2002.

“I think there’s no question,” said the Republican’s likely presidential nominee.

Yeah, get a clue you two-thirds of America who’ve concluded the war was a mistake in light of no WMDs, no ties to al-Qaeda, 4100 Americans dead, 29,000 wounded, several hundred thousand Iraqis killed, an emboldened Iran, a resurgent Taliban in Pakistan, Afghanistan collapsing, bin Laden at large, anti-Americanism at an all-time high, and $4.00 gasoline — all at a price tag of 2 trillion dollars. There’s no question it was the right call.

Here’s why:

He said that even with that faulty intelligence he felt the war was justified since Saddam Hussein had twice used weapons of mass destruction, broken international sanctions and was “a threat” to the United States.

Silly me. I was under the impression that Saddam was a threat to the United States because he had nukes and evil chemical-spewing drone planes and was BFFs with Osama bin Laden. But apparently, he was a threat to us because he gassed the Kurds and the Iranians in the ’80s while Reagan and Bush 41 coddled him.

I feel much better now.

Blue Texan

Blue Texan