Red State Road Trip: The War on Our Streets

Since 2005 writer, director, and guerilla filmmaker Chris Hume has been crisscrossing the United States on what he calls a “red state road trip.” It’s been a long and sometimes strange trip and here in episode eight, season 2 Hume looks at just how easy it is to buy a gun. Or military assault weapons, which are legal in numerous states, Red and Blue, from Texas and Kentucky to Washington and Maine.

On average, there are 32 gun homicides a day in the United States. The same number killed in the Virginia Tech Massacre and significantly more than the daily loss of US soldiers in Iraq. A war on our streets.

Hume travels to Chicago where he interviews local residents affected by gun violence. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision in D.C. v Heller, which interprets the second amendment as giving individuals the right to bear arms, perhaps we should rethink what is behind a cycle of violence that Ron Holt, a Chicago police officer, calls an “ongoing, unacceptable abnormality.” Watch episode eight of red state road trip and find out more here.

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