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Donate to Darcy Burner

I’m in the middle of some serious weeds on the Ghorbanifar meetings and then I’ve got to empty out a fridge again because Sears can’t deliver on what it says it can deliver on. So I’ll be a while this morning before I say anything interesting.

But in the meantime, please do me a favor and donate to Darcy Burner.

  • Do it because AIPAC is beating Darcy up for sponsoring responsible policies in the Middle East rather than more war-mongering.
  • Do it because Darcy has spoken out early and often against telecom immunity.
  • Do it because her opponent is a sexist prick.
  • Do it because her race is very tight, and winning this race will send almost as strong a message to the capitulation Dems in DC as Donna Edwards beating Al Wynn.

Today’s the last day of the funding quarter, so you should donate to as many better Democrats as you can. But please include Darcy among those you donate to today.

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