When They Kick At Your Front Door, How You Gonna Come

U.S. forces raided a house in Karbala province and clapped some dude. The trouble? Well, the real trouble is that U.S. forces are in motherfucking Karbala province instead of like, home, or on the Afgh-Pak border. But the other bit of trouble was that the guy they shot appears to be Prime Minister Maliki’s first cousin.

"The prime minister was very angry," Ebaidi said in a phone interview Saturday night. "The Americans are saying that they informed the Iraqis beforehand, but that is not true."

Maliki’s dudes are showing Iraqi reporters around the guy’s house. Apparently U.S. troops knew they were searching for someone with the last name "al-Maliki" who, according to the dead man’s brother, they accused of being "a leader of a ‘special group,’ a term the U.S. military uses to describe Iranian-backed Shiite militias." Now that’s either one awkward-ass family barbecue or it’s not true or Maliki doesn’t really mind who gives him his money and power.

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