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Written to Equality Florida (note, the one I send will have my real name and address)

  Hello, my Name is HappyCat,  I have been fighting my ex-wife in court in District 18 in Seminole County.  Up until now it has been all family court.  My ex-wife has been lying through her teeth about me and many other situations.  She has even contradicted her self in the same testimony.  Making false accusations about me that I had to prove wrong, and all through this time it has cost me lots of monies on attorneys.  During all these trials these has been no punishment for her lying her ass off.  and I have spent over $150,000 on them lawyers.

  But this last court appearance was a criminal Contempt trial and she lied her ass off as well, giving false testimony, claiming she made phone calls she never made.  She went as far as to make-up what was talked about during those phone calls that never happened.  All this as atempt to get me put in jail and lose custody of my two daughters.  In two of her motions a phrase is highlighted as a response I allegedly made when she asked me for information.  She says I said,” I am not telling you shit!”  it is repeated in the particulars ” I am not telling you shit!”  I call this line the big one.  And with her lawyer leading her up to say the big one,  she says I said this, ” I am not telling you a damn thing!”  And basically all her testimony was lies.  we will be able to document it, put it together as a book of evidence  phone calls she claims she made from one of her two phones to mine and compare them to the phone records.  We will have it all put together all from this last trial and as well add in some from the previous trials and motions filed as well as injunctions filed falsely  What I need from you is to schedule an appointment with the DAs office to deliver this book to him,  I can be there as well, but my lawyer knows that if I show up with a group like Equality Florida to the State’s Attorney’s Office might be more motivated to actually act on it, as this case has a transsexual woman that has been truthful during this whole ordeal and a Natal Woman who has been lying through her teeth.

And than we can also let him know that if this case doesn’t go to trail, we can go to the media and make a true accusation that the DA will not investigate a sure fire case and bring it to trial because a transsexual woman is the one filing it and scream discrimination.

 You see, I have played by the rules and it has cost me dearly,  I need the perjury conviction so I can file my civil case against my ex-wife so I can collect all the money I had to spend defending against all these lies.   looking at $100,000,  of which $5,000 will go to Equality Florida to help fight the hate amendment,  and $10,000 to go to Californians Equality to fight there hate amendment,  and $2,000 to pam’s house blend for their trip to Denver.

 Yes, I am fighting mad after facing 90 to 180 ddays in jail because of my ex-wife’s lies.  put I am putting that anger to good use,

    LOVE AND HUGGS  the HappyCat

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