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Poking fun at Dobson and Religion

I couldn’t help but want to share this with any of you who might enjoy a good satire on religious based values. If you have never heard of Landover Baptist Church and Pastor Deacon Fred, you are in for some laughs. His website is a satire of the Baptist religion, their values and beliefs. Mind you, not everyone who reads his site realizes it is poking fun. The reader mail is incredible! If you are offended by someone making fun of religion, don’t read any further.  This article discusses Dobson’s attack on Obama from a ‘true Christian’s’ point of view, and compares the New Testament to the Old Testament, the latter of which is most congruent to the Baptists views. Here’s how it begins…

While all True Christians™ applaud James Dobson’s efforts to keep that upstart Borat Osama as far from the Oval Office as his ancestors were from a Selma drinking fountain, we find his methods a bit disconcerting. Doctor Dobson attacked the colored candidate for quoting from the Old Testament instead of the New Testament. But as Fundamentalist Evangelical Christian Republicans, we’ve never been that big on the New Testament, which is loaded with all those inconvenient “truths” about caring for others and forgiving our enemies.

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