Wingnuts just love their Civility Scam — the pretense that any expression of outrage over their fuckups, lawlessness, and all-around mayhem is much, much worse than, well, their fuckups, lawlessness, and all-around mayhem.

To wit. Right blogs are desperately trying to pretend that Rep. William Delahunt wants Al Qaeda to assassinate David Addington, Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff. This is of course a pretty stupid phony "scandal," but they’re sure waxing hysterical over it. As is often the case, Red State has their undies bunched up tightest:

Mr. Delahunt now denies he meant what he said. But what he clearly said was "I’m glad they finally have a chance to see you." Al Qaeda now knows the face of one of the men who relentlessly pursues its henchmen and deals with their interrogations. Mr. Addington volunteered for public service, not a death sentence with Congressional encouragement. Mr. Delahunt is both a vile liar and a cowardly lion willing to roar down at Mr. Addington while encouraging terrorists to do his dirty work in a war he has been ineffective at stopping.

The reason this is dumb is pretty obvious. One does not need to defend Delahunt’s comment to point out that he was dealing with someone determined to be a dick because he loathes the very concept of being held accountable to the people’s representatives for his fondness for torture. Torture.

Which makes this from the Red State "directors" pretty pathetic:

It is no secret that public discourse in this country has become very shrill. Blogs on the left regularly feature vulgar diatribes against the right.

Only because you have it coming, you gang of sociopath assholes. (For extra fun, Red State believes that "liberalism kills babies." This of course elevates the discourse.)

Video: "You Blanks," off Be Still Please by Portastatic. You can’t see anything in the video, but the lyrics resonate with this post: "All my songs used to end the same way/ "Everything is gonna be okay’/ But you fuckers make that impossible to say." Highly recommended record & band.



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